EndoTooth replicas, which allow endodontic training, are a practical part of professional hands-on workshops, courses, congresses and curricula at many universities.

In our portfolio we offer a wide range of models – from basic ones with lower difficulty to complex and difficult models, designed to practice specific clinical procedures for dentists and endodontic specialists.

Referencie BioVoxel Technologies

I have had the opportunity to try out tooth replicas to practice endodontic treatment from multiple manufacturers, and I can responsibly say that the EndoTooth replicas faithfully replicate the anatomy of the human tooth root canal system. Thanks to the dentin-like resin base, the perception of root instrumentation is similar to that of natural tissue.
I am happy to see a world-class educational products with the Made in Slovakia brand, helping students and doctors to improve their practical skills.

Dr. Milan Lehotský, endodontic specialist / Oradent, Dental Topics Education Bratislava, Slovakia

BioVoxel teeth can be highly recommended to both undergraduate students and dentists with an increased interest in endodontics. Their mechanical properties are very similar to the teeth themselves, making them suitable training models. What I appreciate most is the individual approach and the ability to create models of unusual clinical cases that I can share with my colleagues – cases that a clinician meets only a few times in their clinical practice and are very often demanding for precise execution.

Dr. Radek Žižka, endodontic specialist / Collegium Dentalis, Dentalis, LF UP Olomouc, Czech Republic

We have been using tooth models at our endodontic practical courses for several years, we tried many different brands and manufacturers from the USA, Poland, China, including pre-production protytypes. I stayed with the Biovoxel Endotooth replicas because they can withstand direct comparison with established competition and have very good price-performance ratio. In addition, I prefer the individual approach and the possibility of producing virtually any custom model.

MUDr. Petr Kořínek, endodontic specialist / Promikro association president, Syndenta, Czech republic

We succesfully use BioVoxel tooth replicas at our courses: Surgical Endodontics, Socket Shield Technique. Because we have to insert replicas for these courses in partially toothed jaw models, it has helped us greatly that in cooperation with BioVoxel, we have been able to develop and design a replica shaped exactly for us. This makes the root tip and crown part of the replica exactly where we need them, and we do not have to modify the replicas before inserting them into models, which was necessary with all previous suppliers. Moreover, the quality of surface treatment and processing is comparable or higher, than other vendors replicas, which are also more expensive.

Michal Koudelka, dental technician, W&H Area manager / W&H

Based on my experience, I recommend teeth from BioVoxel. Mostly, I appreciate the individual approach – the teeth models can be designed and tailored to the individual needs and equipment of each workplace.

MUDr. Milan Tomka, Ph.D, specialist in conservative dentistry / Malo Clinic Prague

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